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X.500 Whitepapers

This section of the website contains whitepapers on X.500 standards, applications and developments (including papers submitted by vendors of X.500 directories).

To submit papers for publication in this section, please get in touch using the form on the Mailing List page.

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Building a Highly Replicated Directory: The case for X.500 DISP

This whitepaper looks at issues related to replication, when building a highly distributed and replicated directory. It argues that X.500 DISP (Directory Information Shadowing Protocol) is the best solution to this problem. This paper looks particularly at military directory, which has strong requirements for highly replicated directory. The paper is also applicable to other environments. more

How to Build an Enterprise Directory with LDAP and X.500

This white paper shows how an LDAP directory can be deployed in an enterprise, and the benefits of using a directory such as M-Vault which supports X.500 functionality such as replication and access control. more

LDAP and X.500

This whitepaper looks at LDAP and X.500 and their relationship. more

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