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Extensions to X.509 in progress

At it meeting in Graz, Austria, 17-21 September 2012 ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6 approved a project split that allows us to continue work on Identity Management, including extensions to X.509.

Actions taken on X.509

The following activities are in progress:

  • At the ITU-T Study Group 17 meeting April 2013 it was decided to clean X.509 for every thing not related to PKI or PMI. Directory security specifications should be move to other parts.
  • X.509 needs a better separation between public-key certificates and attribute certificates.
  • X.509 needs to be updated to use a consistent terminology.
  • X.509 needs to be updated to use a consistent editing style.
  • A new PKI component called trust broker assists a relying party validating a public-key certificate is included.
  • IEC TC57 WG15 has identified a requirement for a feature first called whitelist but now the term is authorization and validation list is used. A proposal for such a feature is included in Amendment 2.

Amendment 2 to X.509 is intended to reflect the changes to X.509 as per above mentioned activities.

The third PDAM for Amendment 2 to X.509 that is out for vote within ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6 is now out for ballot and may be found here.

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