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Upcoming meetings

ITU-T SG 17 meeting, Geneva, Switzerland, April, 2015

The next ITU-T Study Group 17 meeting is in Geneva 8 - 17 April 2015.

Draft agenda for the Directory meeting and meeting information will be issued later. However, the main action items are:

  • Work on X.509 is described in X.509 Extensions with link to available working draft.
  • Work on PKI use is described in General on PKI use. There is no Working Draft available yet.

The invitation to the meeting nmay be found here.

Registration information may be found here.

Links to more general information may be found here.

The meeting is colloborative meeting between ITU-T Study Group 17, Question 11 and ISO/EIC/JTC 1/SC 6/WG 10.

Future ITU-T SG 17 meetings, Geneva, Switzerland

16-25 September 2015.

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