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Introduction to X.500 status (Implementors' Guide)

This section of the Web site provides information about the X.500 standard process. It is an authority source of information about the current state of the ITU-T X.500-series Recommendations and the ISO/IEC 9594 International Standards. It is an replacement for earlier versions of the Implementors' Guides intended for printing. However, it has an extended scope by not only listing Defect Reports and their resolution to the latest current editions of the specifications, but also provides information about current extensions work, meeting information, etc.

ITU-T and ISO/IEC always hold two editions as current, i.e., the two latest editions are maintained by processing Defect Reports and by issuing Technical Corrigenda.

This section is maintained by the ITU-T Study Group 17 Rapporteur for the Directory Question.

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