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X.500 Extensions in progress (not incl X.509)

X.509 extensions are discussed separately.

Extensions and updates to the X.500 Series of Recommendation are progressed by two set of amendments:

  • Amendment 1: Amendments related to communication enhancement
  • Amendment 2: Amendments related to Identity Management (IdM). That includes directory security aspects.

Amendment 1: X.500 Communication enhancements

The following work is planned on communication enhancement:

  • Additional work on interworking with LDAP, such Extended LDAP functions - current and new ones, e.g., to support password policy.
  • Use of other ASN.1 encoding rules than BER/DER.

Amendment 2: X.500 Identity Management aspects

This activities includes moving and updating directory related security specifications from X.509 to other parts of the X.500 Series of Recommendations. The following draft amendments are available:

  • Amendment 2 to X.500 changes some password policy references from X.509 to X.511.
  • Amendment 2 to X.501 changes some password policy references from X.509 to X.520.
  • Amendment 2 to X.511 moves directory authentication specifications fro X.509 to X.511. This also includes Password Policy specifications. Some of this material probably needs updates.
  • Amendment 2 to X.520 moves Password Policy schema definitions to from X.509 to X.520.

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